Road Map

Token Distribution

After sales ends, Time and Space Traveller Token imposes automatically a fee of 6% for all transactions. The token holders may not claim the fees or any specific use of these fees from team members, nor have they any legal claim against any other third-party in this regard. Half of this fee (3%) is redistributed to the community on that exchange, proportional to the tokens that they hold. The other half (3%) is transferred back as liquidity provider tokens to the Liquidity Pool (LP).

Total Token Supply 500,000,000 TST
Liquidity Locked

Pancake-swap V2 liquidity is locked until 28 May 2026.

It can be viewed on the DxSale pre-sale.

DxSale Pre-sale Link

Team Wallet

20% of wallet is unlocked. (1% of total supply)​

Locked for 4 month. (4% of total supply)

DxSale Locker

NFT Marketing and Development

Locked for 1 month​

Linear Distribution throughout 5 months (3% of total supply per month)​

Will be used for development of NFT site and marketing campaigns

DxSale Locker

Time and Space Traveller

We build a team of great people

Our team, working on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies since 2011, came together in 2020 with the "Time and Space Traveller" project. As a team, we believe that with the Covid-19 pandemic, the transition to the digital world has accelerated, and the new world order is established on the blockchain base. In this direction, our project, which we transferred to NFT produced using blockchain technology, is waiting for you in our NFT market place.

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Umut Gergun
Computer Science
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Nihat Aldemir
Innovation Director
Aerospace Engineer
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Creative Director
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Mustafa Onol
Marketing Director

Contact Us

Whatsapp +44 7788 606525 - United Kingdom